Android 17 (人造人間17号) is a character from the Japanese manga and anime series Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. He is an antagonist in the Androids/Cell story arc.

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Android 17, along with his sister Android 18, were created by the scientist Dr. Gero to destroy Son Goku. They were also designed to be absorbed by and become bio-matter components of the bio-android Cell so that it may become the perfect life form.

During the Androids/Cell story arc, Android 17 and his comrades Androids 18 and 16 are confronted by Cell. Though they attempt to resist him, Cell manages to sneak up on Android 17 and absorb him. Android 17 is engulfed by Cell's tail and absorbed into his body, allowing Cell to reach his second form.

Though the actual absorption process did not kill him, Android 17 died when Cell detonated himself, thus destroying Android 17 as well. However, Android 17 was later brought back to life with the Dragon Balls.

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