Android 18 (人造人間18号), originally Lazuli (ラズリ 'Razuri'), is a character from the Japanese manga series Dragon Ball and it's anime adaptation, Dragon Ball Z. She serves as an antagonist in the Androids/Cell story arc, but later becomes a supporting character.

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Android 18 has a very laid back, sarcastic, and somewhat cruel personality as she take pleasure in overpowering others with her strength. Her main goal, along with Android 17 and 16 is to find and kill Son Goku. Her pursuit is interrupted however, as Cell absorbs 17 and then attempts to absorb her as well. 18 is repulsed and horrified at the idea of being absorbed by Cell, wishing to maintain her independent existence. She resists to the bitter end, but is ultimately absorbed. After being released from Cell's body, she reforms and lives a peaceful life.

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Android 18, along with her twin brother Android 17, were originally normal humans before being kidnapped and experimented on by Dr. Gero. The two were turned into powerful androids for the purpose of destroying Son Goku. They were also designed to be absorbed by the bio-android Cell so that it may become the perfect life form.

During the Androids/Cell story arc, Android 18 and her brother are awoken by Dr. Gero to kill Goku and his comrades. After turning on and killing Dr. Gero and awakening Android 16, the three androids begin their search for Goku. Their search is preempted, however, as the three are confronted by Cell, who is intent on absorbing 18 and 17. Though they attempt to resist him, Cell is able to absorb Android 17 and reach his second form. Completely outmatched by the transformed Cell, Android 18 and 16 attempt to evade him, but he is ultimately able to track them down. Cell uses the Solar Flare technique to blind everyone around him and uses the opportunity to absorb her. In the anime, the blinded Android 18 desperately attacks Cell as he approaches her, but it proves to be a futile effort as he easily engulfs her with his tail and absorbs her into his body, allowing him to finally reach his perfect form.

Android 18 remains trapped inside of Cell for most the rest of the arc. She is later spit up by Cell after he receives a devastating attack from Son Gohan.

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Cell absorbs Android 18

Cell absorbs Android 18

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"No! I can't be a part of you!" (said while getting absorbed in episode 159 of original Funimation dub)

"I can't die yet! I still have so much shopping to do!" (said in preview for episode 79 of Dragon Ball Z Kai, Funimation dub)

"Damn you, Cell!" (said before being absorbed by Cell, Dragon Ball Z Kai, Funimation dub)

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  • Although it does fit into the category of Swallowed Whole, Android 18 is devoured once again in the Majin Buu story arc of Dragon Ball Z when she is turned into chocolate and eaten by Majin Buu.
  • According to the Dragon Ball Super manga/anime, Android 17 was conscious and aware while trapped inside of Cell and thus, presumably, so was 18.
  • Android 18's absorption scene was also adapted into episode 51 of the fan made Dragon Ball Z Abridged web series. Although the scene of her being absorbed is not shown, she is shown to be reluctantly accepting of her fate as she charges head first at Cell to get it over with after asking Android 16 to take care of Krillin.