The Biogenetically Engineered Experimental Bipedal Organism, or BEEBO for short, is a character from the American animated TV show The Powerpuff Girls. He was an artificial lifeform created by Professor Utonium.

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In Season 2, Episode 8b of The Powerpuff Girls, Professor Utonium creates BEEBO as a pet for the Powerpuff Girls. The girls are immediately smitten with him, but the Professor warns them that he is to be fed only once. However, the girls inadvertently feed him several times, which tricks his mind into believing it needs to constantly eat. Soon, BEEBO grows exponentially, growing arms and eating everything in sight.

He escapes the Powerpuff Girls' house and starts rampaging across Townsville, growing gigantic and eating the citizens of Townsville. Eventually, he comes across Townsville Hall, where he tears the roof off the building and grabs The Mayor and Ms. Bellum, who had just contacted the Powerpuff Girls. He then eats The Mayor and Ms. Bellum just as the Powerpuff Girls arrive. He is then approached by Blossom, who tries to reason with him, but he simply eats her. An outraged Buttercup then flies at him, but he opens his mouth and swallows her as well. BEEBO then spots Bubbles and chases her across Townsville until he backs her into a corner. Bubbles pleads with him, stating that she loves him. BEEBO pauses, momentarily appearing to come to his senses, but he abruptly grabs Bubbles with his tongue and eats her.

Shortly afterwards, BEEBO's stomach begins to churn painfully and his body expands until he explodes. This frees all the people that BEEBO has eaten and results in hundreds of small BEEBOs falling from the sky. The citizens of Townsville grab them, wanting them as pets, but Professor Utonium arrives and warns them that BEEBO must be fed only once.

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BEEBO orally consumed all his food and victims. However, each time he ate he would grow in size until he was the size of a tall building. He was truly omnivorous and that he would eat anything (including food, people, and inanimate objects) that could fit in his mouth. He also had an extendable frog-like tongue that he could grab his food with.

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