Battle Chess is a series of chess video games created by Interplay Entertainment. The game allows to play standard games of chess in which the pieces to come to life and battle one another. It was originally released for the Amiga, but has since been adapted and ported to multiple systems including Windows, Mac OS, Atari ST, Commodore 64, Nintendo Entertainment System, etc.



  • Rook

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  • Queen


In several versions of the game, when a Rook captures a Queen, the battle animation that ensues depicts the Rook, a stone monument that transforms into a rock monster, grabbing the Queen, a traditional female human queen, and swallowing her whole. In some versions, the Rook will subsequently spit the Queen's tiara out and stomp on it.


  • In the original, NES, and C64 versions of the game the rook will simply pick up and swallow the queen before she can react
  • In the CD enhanced version the queen initially scoffs at the rook. Her confidence fades when the enraged rook picks her up and swallows her, as she helplessly kicks and screams. She can be seen still alive and struggling in his belly for a few moments before being digested.

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Rook eats Queen - PC

Rook eats Queen - PC