Big Dog is one of the two main characters from the American animated TV series, 2 Stupid Dogs. Always paired with Little Dog, Big Dog is the slower and calmer of the two, while also being quite dim-witted. Together, the two go on various misadventures throughout the series.

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In the episode Red Strikes Back, Big Dog and Little Dog encounter Red who is on her way to her grandmother's house. Wishing to partake of some canned cheese she is carrying, the dogs accompany her, but the group inadvertently pass over Red's grandmother's house and end up at the home of the Witch from Hansel and Gretel. The Witch invites the three into her house, planning to fatten up Red and eat her. After the Witch presents Red with a table of food, Big Dog and Little Dog attempt to partake of it, but the Witch refuses them and kicks them out of her home. Later, the Witch traps Red in a cage and summons Big Dog and Little Dog back inside her house and forces them to continuously feed Red (apparently for two years and eight months). After Red has been fattened up, the Witch swallows her, but then proclaims she is still hungry and turns towards the dogs. As the two cower, Little Dog fearfully states that they only wanted some canned cheese. This prompts the Witch to spray a dab of canned cheese on their heads, after which she swallows them as well. The episode then ends with Big Dog, along with Little Dog and Red, still in the Witch's stomach.

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