Billy Cranston is a character from the American live action series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and a member of the Power Rangers, serving as the Blue Ranger.

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Season 1, Episode 12 Edit

In "Power Ranger Punks", episode 12 of the series, Billy and his fellow Ranger Kimberly are transformed into punks via punk potion prepared by Rita Repulsa's minion, Baboo. While the two are detained by their mentor Zordon, fellow Rangers Jason, Zack, and Trini battle Rita's newest monster, the Terror Toad. Once they are cured of their affliction, Billy and Kimberly are told by Zordon to cut off the toad's horn and then attack his weak spot below his neck. The two then join Jason who has been fighting the Terror Toad alone is it has already devoured Trini and Zack. Per sword Zordon's instructions, Billy and Kimberly leap towards the toad and cut off his horn. This angers the toad, however, and in retaliation he captures Jason with his physical tongue and swallows him whole. As the Terror Toad approaches the remaining two Rangers, Billy devises a plan and, in a brash move, leaps in the air to attack the monster. However, the Terror Toad fires his tongue once again and wraps it around the Blue Ranger. Billy is then pulled into the Terror Toad's mouth and he is swallowed whole.

Billy and the others are quickly freed by Kimberly who fires several arrows into the Terror Toad's neck, forcing him to release them, after which she destroy the monster.

Blue Ranger Eaten

Billy is swallowed by Terror Toad

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Season 2, Episode 10 Edit

In "Welcome to Venus Island", episode 10 of the show's second series, Billy, along with the rest of the Power Rangers, battle the Invenusable Flytrap. During the battle, Billy, along with Jason, Zack, and Kimberly are struck by a beam fired from the Invenusable Flytraps chest, and they are sucked into the monster's stomach. While inside its stomach, he and the other consumed Rangers learn from fellow Power Rangers Trini and Tommy that the monster is weak to heat. Billy and the others then use their Power Coins to generate heat to weaken the monster and then fight their way out.

Invenusable Flytrap Captures Rangers

Billy and the others eaten by Invenusable Flytrap

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  • Billy's Zyuranger counterpart is Dan.
  • Billy is the last character to be consumed by the Terror Toad.
  • Billy is uncharacteristically illogical in his approach to fighting the toad. This can largely be explained by the fact that his Zyuranger counterpart sacrificed himself to open up the monster's weak spot, which was only exposed while he was eating. This had to be changed so that the footage of the battle where Kimberly's counterpart was demorphed could be cut from the American show.
  • Billy was released from the Terror Toad as a blue energy sphere despite being swallowed whole. This implies that the monster is still able to turn rangers into energy without his horn, albeit only when the ranger is in the toad's stomach.
  • Footage of Billy being devoured by the Terror Toad is recycled in Season 1, Episode 45 "Crystal of Nightmares", in which Billy suffers a nightmare of his experience with the Terror Toad