Boss Bass (also called Bubba) is a recurring enemy in the Mario video game franchise. The character debuted in Super Mario Bros. 3 and has appeared in several games since. Boss Bass is a large Cheep Cheep who generally pursues and attempts to swallow Mario and his comrades.

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Super Mario Bros. 3 Edit

In several levels of the game, staring in level 3-3, Boss Bass appears and pursues Mario (or Luigi) throughout the stage. If Boss Bass catches Mario, he will swallow him whole, resulting an instant death and causing the player to lose a life.

Super Mario 64 Edit

Referred to as "Bubba" in this game, Boss Bass appears in the Tiny-Huge Island stage. If Mario goes in the water, Boss Bass will pursue him and, if he manages to catch him, will swallow him whole. This will result in an instant death and cause the player to lose a life.

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Taking advantage of his large size, Boss Bass pursues his prey, sometimes leaping out of the water, and simply opens his large mouth and swallows his victims whole.

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