Cat Paradise
Cat Paradise
(学園創世 猫天!, Gakuen Sōsei Nekoten!) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Yuji Iwahara. It was serialized in the monthly shonen magazine Champion Red and was later compiled into five volumes. The story centers on student Yumi Haywakawa, her pet cat Kansuke, and a group of other students and their pet cats known as the chosen "pairs" who have been gifted with supernatural powers and whose mission is to protect their school and the world from mythical spirit beasts.

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During the final story arc of the series, several of the chosen "pairs" do battle with the snake spirit beast Sakira, and her brother. During the confrontation, they are placed under a hypnotic spell by Sakira, rendering them motionless.

In chapter 26, while they are hypnotized, one of the chosen pairs, Futaba and her cat Gekko, are swallowed whole by Sakira's brother.

Sakira then enters the mind of Futaba and torments her with despairing images in order to break her spirit so that she may eat her soul. Sakira nearly does so, but is stopped by Tsukasa and Raimu, two of Futaba's comrades. Sakira and her brother are then defeated and forced to release Futaba and Gekko.

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