Chiaki Enno is the deuteragonist of the Japanese anime series Zenki. She is a human girl that works alongside Zenki to fight the evil forces of Karuma.

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In episode 5 of the Zenki anime, Chiaki and Zenki do battle against Ikaku, a gluttonous man-eating demon that has possessed the principal of Chiaki's school. During the battle, Chiaki is nearly eaten by Ikaku, but is rescued by her grandmother. However, the event gives Zenki the idea that, if Chiaki were gone, she would not be abe to revert him back to his "child" form. Consequently, Zenki grabs Chiaki and willingly feeds her to Ikaku. Chiaki is tossed into Ikaku's mouth and she is swallowed whole.

Inside Ikaku's stomach, Chiaki uses her bracelet to summon Zenki, which brings him inside the stomach with her. After the two bicker for a bit, Ikaku's stomach acids begin to rain down on them and start to dissolve Chiaki's clothes. They then realize they must destroy Ikaku's weak point, which is inside his stomach. Zenki locates and attacks the weak spot, which destroys Ikaku and releases both of them from his stomach.