Dora Boogaranan (ドーラブーガラナン) is a frog-like Dora Monster from the Japanese live-action series Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger.

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In episode 26 of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, Dora Boogaranan is created and sent by Witch Bandora to battle and destroy the Zyurangers. As two of the Zyurangers, Dan and Mei, are indisposed due to a curse inflicted by Totpat, Dora Boogaranan attacks the remaining three Zyurangers, Geki, Goushi, and Boi.

Dora Boogaranan proves to be a powerful foe, easily fending off the Zyurangers' attacks and delivers several powerful strikes against them. After knocking Boi to the ground, Boogaranan fires an energy beam from his horn that wraps around the Zyuranger and transforms him into a yellow energy sphere. The sphere then flies into Dora Boogaranan's mouth and he swallows Boi whole, after which an image of Tiger Ranger's helmet appears on his belly. Clearly demonstrating his superior strength, Dora Boogaranan forces Geki and Goushi to retreat. 

Dora Boogaranan is later confronted by Geki and Goushi again who attack his face believing it to be his weak spot. However, the attack does nothing and Boogaranan easily repels them. After several more failed attacks against him, Dora Boogaranan lands a decisive blow on Goushi and fires his energy tongue at him as well. The Mammoth Ranger is transformed into an energy sphere and Boogaranan swallows him. 

Dora Boogaranan fights Geki alone for a short period and continues to dominate the battle. The monster readies to fire his energy tongue to eat Geki as well, but is stopped by Dan and Mei who have been cured for their curse and knock him over. After getting back up, Dora Boogaranan continues the fight, but Dan and Mei cut off his horn. Frustrated, but unperturbed, Dora Boogaranan retaliates by firing his physical tongue and grabbing Geki with it. He then pulls the Tyranno Ranger into his mouth and swallows him whole. In doing this, however, he also exposes his weak spot to Dan and Mei. 

With only two Zyurangers left, Dora Boogaranan begins to approach them hungrily. After he delivers a powerful dive-punch to the both of them, Dan enacts a plan to expose the monster's weak spot, allowing Mei a clear shot. The Tricera Ranger leaps into the air, making himself an easy target, and Dora Boogaranan takes the bait. He fires his tongue at Dan, pulls him into his mouth, and swallows him whole. 

As Dora Boogaranan swallows Dan, Mei attempts her shot, but is knocked over by Totpat. With the Ptera Ranger totally vulnerable, Boogaranan fires his tongue at her, severely weakening. Dora Boogaranan and Totpat then chase the fleeing Mei into a nearby forest. After searching for her for a bit, Mei appears before them, apparently giving herself up. Dora Boogaranan wraps his tongue around her, ready to eat her, but Mei then sets off an arrow trap that hits the monsters weak spot, forcing him to release the other Zyurangers. Dora Boogaranan is then destroyed when Mei fires an arrow into his mouth. 

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Dora Boogaranan had two methods of consumption. First, he was able to fire an energy tongue from the horn on his head that would wrap around his victims and turn them into a small energy sphere. The sphere would then fly into his mouth and he would swallow it. After his horn was cut off, he used his second method in which he simply launched his long tongue out and ensnared his victims with it. He would pull them into his mouth and swallow them whole. Whenever he swallowed a Zyuranger, an image of their helmet would appear on his belly.

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  • Dora Boogaranan's Power Rangers counterpart is Terror Toad