Dora Boogaranan (ドーラブーガラナン) is a frog-like Dora Monster from the Japanese live-action series Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger.

Characters Consumed Edit

History Edit

In episode 26 of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, Dora Boogaranan is sent by Witch Bandora to battle the Zyurangers. Dora Boogaranan first fights Geki, Goushi, and Boi and proves to have an overwhelming advantage over them. He uses his energy tongue to transform Boi and Goushi into energy spheres and swallows them. Later, the remaining Zyurangers Dan and Mei join the fight and cut off Dora Boogaranan's horn, leaving him unable to use his energy tongue. In response, he ensnares Geki with his actual tongue and swallows him whole. He then swallows Dan who allowed himself to be eaten so that Mei could strike Dora Boogaranan's weak point. However, Witch Bandora's minion Totpat knocks Mei down before she can strike. Dora Boogaranan nearly eats Mei as well, striking her with his tongue with such force that she loses her ranger form, but she activates a trap that strikes his weak point, forcing him to release the other Zyurangers. He is then destroyed by Mei and the Zyurangers.

Method of Consumption Edit

Dora Boogaranan had two methods of consumption. First, he was able to fire an energy tongue from the horn on his head that would wrap around his victims and turn them into a small energy sphere. The sphere would then fly into his mouth and he would swallow it. After his horn was cut off, he used his second method in which he simply launched his long tongue out and ensnared his victims with it. He would pull them into his mouth and swallow them whole. Whenever he swallowed a Zyuranger, an image of their helmet would appear on his belly.

Notes Edit

  • Dora Boogaranan's Power Rangers counterpart is Terror Toad
  • Some action towards the end of the battle was not used in Power Rangers, from Dora Boogaranan striking Mei with his tongue up to the point where the other rangers are freed. This is clearly because, without her uniform, Mei would be recognised as someone other than Kimberly, the American counterpart. With this exception, the fighting scenes in Zyuranger were considered appropriate for direct use in Power Rangers without additional filming. The only seemingly additional angles seen in Power Rangers are recycled from points where Dora Boogaranan speaks, because Terror Toad was scripted with more dialogue. Rather than importing the monster costume and filming it fighting an unmorphed Kimberly, it was decided that a much cheaper option would be used. The monster's second "true" face beneath its neck was written to be a vulnerability once the horn was removed, rather than only being a weak spot when a victim is being swallowed in organic form. Dan's sacrificial action allowing himself to be eaten was scripted as his counterpart Billy making a poorly judged assault without waiting for his teammate to be ready. With these changes, it was considered enough to allow the scenes with Mei in civilian clothing to be cut without additional filming. The most obvious remaining problem with these changes is that Totpat's intervention, which had very serious potential consequences for the heroes, could not be cut. In Power Rangers, the result is that the counterpart Baboo appears, pushes Kimberly over, and Kimberly immediately gets up and frees the other rangers. While Baboo was by and large scripted in the show to be a figure of comic relief, this appears to just be a very ineffective and pointless cameo from a character otherwise considered to be a non-combatant.
  • In Zyuranger series, all eaten characters are male. It is unclear how the Zyuranger taste like because Dora Boogaranan remain mute after eating them. But Dan has the most photo session about being eaten than any other rangers.

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