Gekko (月光,) is a character from the Japanese manga series Cat Paradise. He is the pet cat and partner of Futaba Aoki.

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Gekko, along with his owner and partner Futaba, are one of the chosen "pairs" that have been gifted with supernatural powers. Their mission is to protect their school and the world from the spirit beasts

During the final story arc of the series, Gekko and his comrades do battle with the snake spirit beast Sakira, and her brother. During the confrontation, Gekko and the others are placed under a hypnotic spell by Sakira, rendering them motionless. While Gekko is under the spell, he and his human partner, Futaba, are swallowed whole by Sakira's brother.

Gekko and Futaba are later freed from the snake's belly by their comrades Tsukasa and Raimu.

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