Ikaku is a character from the Japanese anime series Zenki. He is a gluttonous demon and servant of Karuma.

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In episode 5 of the Zenki anime, Ikaku is born from a Karuma Seed that possesses the gluttonous principal of Chiaki Enno's school. After taking over the principal's body, Ikaku goes on a rampage, attempting to eat the students and staff. However, his efforts are impeded by Zenki and Chiaki who do battle with him.

After Ikaku unsuccessfully attempts to eat Chiaki, Zenki gets the idea that, if Chiaki were gone she would not be able to revert him back to his "child" form. Consequently, Zenki grabs Chiaki and willingly feeds her to Ikaku. Ikaku catches her in his mouth and swallows her whole, complimenting her taste.

Shortly afterwards, Zenki is enveloped in an aura of light and transported inside Ikaku's stomach. As Zenki passes through his mouth, Ikaku bemoans the taste, saying Zenki is the worst thing he has ever eaten.

As Ikaku begins to digest Zenki and Chiaki, they attack his weak point, which is located inside his stomach. This destroys Ikaku and Zenki and Chiaki are released from his stomach.

​Method of ConsumptionEdit

Ikaku orally ingests his victims. Despite his sharp teeth, he apparently prefers to swallow his victims whole, after which they are digested inside his stomach.

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