Jason Lee Scott is a character from the American live action series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the leader of the Power Rangers, serving as the Red Ranger.

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Season 1, Episode 12 Edit

Red Ranger Uniform

Jason in Red Ranger uniform, not wearing helmet

In "Power Ranger Punks", episode 12 of the series, Jason, as well as Zack and Trini, do battle with the monster Terror Toad. The rangers are initially not at full strength, as fellow rangers Billy and Kimberly are under a "punk" spell. They prove to have little success against the monster. Jason leads the others in a combined pin attack, which the toad easily repels with his strength. The rangers then move in and attempt individual attacks, which are also dealt with comfortably by the monster. Zack is almost immediately put down by a particularly heavy blow, and is evidently unable to get up for several seconds, during which time Jason suffers the same fate, and the isolated Trini is struck down and then eaten by the toad. Jason and Zack fire their Blade Blasters in response to losing their teammate, which is deflected back at them by a circular energy barrier that forms on the front surface of the toad's stomach. Zack loses his cool and attempts to charge at the toad, but is restrained by Jason, who insists that they attack the toad together with their power weapons. However, this attack is also repelled by the toad, who taunts the rangers. The battle evidently having taken its toll, this is enough to enrage Jason such that he orders the rangers to abandon their cohesive attacks and charge in individually without any particular plan. As with the previous attempt to take on the toad singularly, one ranger is left isolated, Jason having again been struck down quickly, leaving Zack exposed. Struck twice, Zack falls down and rolls away. Jason, having recovered quickly, jumps to Zack's aid, and looks up at the toad. The monster fires the energy tongue at the rangers from his horn that he had used to capture and eat Trini. Jason dives away to the side without attempting to help his prone teammate, who is quickly eaten. Jason battles the toad alone until a restored Billy and Kimberly show up. Arriving with strategic advice from the team's mentor Zordon, the latecomers attack the toad's horn, with Billy successfully severing it.

Infuriated at having his main artillery detached, the Terror Toad nevertheless takes the rangers by surprise with a previously unseen attack, for which team leader Jason is the selected target. He opens his mouth, and a long, red, physical tongue is launched from his mouth. The tongue wraps around Jason's torso, binding his upper arms. As if having caught the Red Ranger with a lasso, the toad tugs hard on the end of the tongue still attached to the inside of his mouth. Jason flies through the air towards the toad, and lands head first into the gaping maw of the toad. Trying to resist, he manages to get his arms free in mid-flight, but is unable to halt his descent as the toad tilts his head back to allow gravity to assist. Jason kicks and thrashes his legs in futile panic as the toad gulps and chews, before his boots are seen disappearing entirely as he is swallowed whole. The toad chewing on Jason reveals a weak spot, which Kimberly spots. The Red Ranger's helmet is seen on the stomach of the toad as he dives at the rangers, and is situated between the Yellow Ranger and Black Ranger helmets, slightly lower down. Billy leaps up at the monster and is caught by the tongue in mid-air, suffering the same fate as Jason. After this, Kimberly promptly aims her bow at the toad and, despite interference from Baboo, one of Rita's servants who put Billy and Kimberly under their spell, fires several arrows at the toad's neck. Four ranger-coloured energy spheres are regurgitated and fly away from the monster. The red sphere distends outwards and retakes human form in mid-air, the Red Ranger falling to the ground alongside his rescued comrades. He leads the other rangers in laying down a series of successful attacks on the Terror Toad, who is then destroyed by Kimberly.

Red Ranger Eaten

Jason is swallowed by Terror Toad

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Season 2, Episode 10 Edit

In "Welcome to Venus Island", episode 10 of the show's second series, Jason, along with the rest of the Power Rangers, battle the Invenusable Flytrap. During the battle, Jason, along with Zack, Billy, and Kimberly are struck by a beam fired from the Invenusable Flytraps chest, and they are sucked into the monster's stomach. While inside its stomach, he and the other consumed Rangers learn from fellow Power Rangers Trini and Tommy that the monster is weak to heat. Jason and the others then use their Power Coins to generate heat to weaken the monster and then fight their way out.
Invenusable Flytrap Captures Rangers

Jason and the others eaten by Invenusable Flytrap

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  • Jason is the third ranger to be consumed by the Terror Toad, but the first to be swallowed whole without first being turned into an energy ball.
  • Jason's Zyuranger counterpart is Geki.
  • Jason was released from the Terror Toad as a red energy sphere despite being swallowed whole. This implies that the monster is still able to turn rangers into energy without his horn, albeit only when the ranger is in the toad's stomach. His cry of "How'd we get out?" suggests that he, like Trini and Zack who had been eaten as energy spheres, lost awareness and consciousness due to becoming an energy sphere, and was likely to have been transformed into energy promptly after being swallowed whole.
  • Unlike the other rangers who get eaten, no close-up is filmed of the Red Ranger helmet as a new addition to the Terror Toad's collection of tattoos. Given that he is the leader, it is surprising that the makers chose not to emphasise this symbolic representation of his defeat.
  • The Terror Toad had previously made strategically sound decisions in the battle, such as targeting Trini first when she was the quickest of the three rangers on the battlefield to recover from his physical blows. Although Jason was leading the team, the toad was probably wrong to choose to use his surprise physical tongue attack to eat him rather than Billy or Kimberly, in spite of the fact that the latecomers were clearly more well-informed about the toad's weaknesses and hadn't been taking a beating from the monster, and Billy in particular had just severed the toad's horn. This mistake may have been what cost the Terror Toad ultimate victory against the Power Rangers.

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