Jerry Mouse is a fictional character and one of the two main protagonists in Metro-Goldwyn Mayer's series of Tom and Jerry theatrical cartoon short films. Despite the fact that he often triumphs over Tom in most of the episodes, there are a few times where Jerry ends up inside Tom's mouth, if not his digestive tract.

Puss Gets the Boot Edit

In this cartoon, Tom is named "Jasper", and Jerry is named "Jinx" respectively. Throughout the cartoon, Jasper tricks Jinx into climbing into his mouth at various points of the cartoon, only for Jinx to run back out.

The Cat and the MermouseEdit

Ho Ho Horrors (Tom and Jerry Tales Season 1)Edit

Bats What I Like About the South (Tom and Jerry Tales Season 1)Edit

Fire Breathing Tomcat (Tom and Jerry Tales Season 1 Episode 7) Edit

After Tom had stolen the firebreath from the dragon, he chases Jerry down. Jerry attempts to take refuge in the tree, only for Tom to burn it down, and catch Jerry in his mouth. Jerry then steals the firebreath from Tom, and escapes Tom's stomach in the same way Tom previously did to the dragon. Jerry then shares some of the firebreath with the dragon that Tom was sent to slay.

Don't Bring Your Pet to School Day (Tom and Jerry Tales Season 2)Edit

You're Lion (Tom and Jerry Tales Season 2 Episode 12) Edit

Tom goes to his relatives, the lions, and give Jerry to them as a present. However, they decide that Tom would make a better snack. Both Tom and Jerry end up in the male lion's mouth multiple times.

A Nutcracker Tale (DTV movie)Edit

Robin Hood and his Merry Mouse (DtV movie) Edit

1st Scenario Edit

After infiltrating the castle, Jerry leaves, opens a door on what looks like a mousehole in the wall, and walks in. It turns out to be a trap laid for Jerry, and Tom catches him inside his mouth, picking his teeth with Jerry's sword. Jerry then uses Tom's uvula as a slingshot to escape.

2nd Scenario Edit

While obtaining the key to get Robin Hood out, Tom accidentally swallows the key, forcing Jerry to go inside his mouth and retrieve it from his stomach.

Belly Achin' (Tom and Jerry Show 2014 season 1)Edit

Consumed By Edit

  • Tom
  • Butch Cat
  • Lion (Tom and Jerry Tales, Season 2, Episode 12)

Videos Edit

Fire Breathing Tom Cat07:45

Fire Breathing Tom Cat

Tom and Jerry Puss Gets the Boot08:49

Tom and Jerry Puss Gets the Boot

Tom attempts to eat Jerry00:27

Tom attempts to eat Jerry

Tom vore 201:00

Tom vore 2

Tom And Jerry -- You're Lion -- Full HD Episode06:24

Tom And Jerry -- You're Lion -- Full HD Episode

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