Jonah is the titular prophet of The Book of Jonah, a book from the Bible.

History Edit

Jonah is called by God to bring the inhabitants of Nineveh (an Assyrian city) to repentance. Jonah is quick to shirk his duty, and attempts to flee to Tarshish, only for everything to go awry. A storm rises up due to divine fury, and in their attempt to figure out whose god is offended, they cast lots, which falls on Jonah. They throw him overboard, and he gets swallowed by the whale. After three days in the whale's stomach, Jonah prays, apologizing for abandoning his calling. The whale barfs him up onto dry land, and Jonah is once again called to go to Nineveh to preach repentance to the people.

Consumed By Edit

  • Big Fish/Whale/shark/whatever