Mahou Sentai Magiranger (魔法戦隊マジレンジャー) is a Japanese live-action tokusatsu series and the twenty-ninth installment in the long-running Super Sentai franchise. It tells the story of five siblings who are granted magical powers and must battle evil beings known as the Infershia. The show was produced by Toei and Bandai and served as the basis for it's the American counterpart Power Rangers Mystic Force.

Episode 2 "Bring Out the Courage"Edit


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Vankyuria captures three of the Magirangers and feeds them to the Hades Beast Blob. The Pink Magiranger uses her magic to make the monster sneeze them out. All five Magirangers use a new spell, which changes them to Titans and together, they destroy the Beast.

Episode 40 "The Gorgon's Garden" Edit

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In episode 40, the Magirangers do battle against Hades Wise Goddess Gorgon. Magirangers Makito Ozu, Tsubasa Ozu, Urara Ozu, and Hikaru go to Gorgon's mystical garden to confront her. They split up with Makito and Urara looking in one direction and Tsubasa and Hikaru in another. As Makito and Urara search, Gorgon, taking her giant snake form, sneaks up on Makito. She coils around him and swallows him whole.

Urara flees and meets back up with Tsubasa and Hikaru. As she tearfully tells them what happened to Makito, Gorgon grabs her legs, pulls her into a swamp, and swallows her as well.

Tsubasa then tries to save Urara, transforming into MagiYellow. However, Gorgon attacks him and he is pulled underwater. Gorgon then emerges from the swamp with Tsubasa halfway down her throat and she finishes swallowing him.

Hikaru then changes into Magishine, but Gorgon easily defeats him and coils around him. Gorgon taunts him, but Hikaru says that Kai and Houka, the two remaining Magirangers, will defeat her. She scoffs at him and then swallows him whole.

Afterwards, Gorgon confronts Kai and Houka, threatening to eat them as well. However, they transform into MagiRed and MagiPink and fire a powerful spell at Gorgon, causing her to disgorge the consumed Magirangers. Gorgon then becomes giant and the Magirangers fight her with MagiLegend and Travelion. Gorgon threatens to swallow MagiLegend as well, but the Magirangers destroy her.

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