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Maka Maka is a role-playing video game made by Office Koukan and published by Sigma Enterprises for the Super Famicom. The game centers on Corum, the reincarnation of an alien prince, who must battle an evil demon king.




  • Corum
  • Johnny
  • El
  • Various town citizens


At one point in the game, Corum and his ally Johnny arrive at a town where all the citizens have been baked into giant croquettes. Upon arriving at a restaurant, Corum and Johnny are led to a giant cooking vat where they are baked into croquettes themselves. They are then presented to Princess Gourmet who proceeds to swallow them whole. 

Inside her stomach, Corum and Johnny discover El, who was also baked into a croquette and eaten. The trio then traverse Princess Gourmet's innards, discovering other people who apparently were eaten by her. The three eventually escape through her rear end and battle the Princess.



  • Unfortunately, Maka Maka is a rather obscure title that was poorly received in Japan and never released in North America or the PAL region. Thus, no official English release exists.