Marie Hankinton (マリー・ハンキントン) is a character from the Japanese manga series Karakasa no Saien. She is a goddess and the owner of the inn where most the series takes place.

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Hundreds of years prior to the events of the series, Marie regularly accepted female virgin sacrifices provided by the people who wanted providence for their land. She presumably devoured many, if not all, of them.

In the final story arc of the series, the main character, Rokusuke Ibusuki, pleads with Marie to get out of his contract for working at the inn. Marie suggests making a sacrifice to her. Rokusuke complies and proceeds with the ritual to sacrifice Otome Hanabusa (who is unconscious through the proceedings). Rokusuke backs out at the last minute, but Marie still insists on going through with the sacrifice. Despite the protests of Rokusuke and Beni Mizuochi, the inn's manager, Marie takes the still unconscious Otome and swallows her whole.

Otome later cuts her way out of Marie's stomach.

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As a goddess, Marie is able to swallow people whole. Traditionally, she only does this when sacrifices are given to her. Presumably, all those whom she devours are digested inside of her.

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