Melona is a character from the Japanese Queen's Blade franchise. She is a magical shape-shifting slime girl composed of a pink goo-like substance and serves as an antagonistic force.

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In chapter 5 of the Queen's Blade: Exiled Warrior manga, Melona ingests a magical orb that increases her magic power and allows her to absorb any object. With her newfound power, she and her comrade Airi abduct Shizuka, the ninja aide to Tomoe, and demand that Tomoe come alone to retrieve her. Per Melona and Airi's demands, Tomoe appears before them, after which Melona reveals herself to have grown gigantic and has partially absorbed Shizuka through her chest.

In chapter 6, Leina and another of her comrade's, Risty, arrive on the scene to confront Melona and Airi. However, since Melona and Airi told Tomoe to come alone, Melona retaliates by absorbing Shizuka through her chest. Melona and Airi then face off against Leina and her comrades. Leina manages to do some damage to Melona and, in response, Melona absorbs several trees in the area, growing even larger and becoming deranged with magic and hunger. Melona opens her mouth and slams it down over a stunned Leina, eating her. Melona continues to fight Risty and Tomoe and captures them in her slime. Despite claiming she is not very hungry and that Risty doesn't look very tasty, Melona intends on eating her anyway. Before she can do so, however, Leina breaks free from her body and destroys the magic orb in Melona's forehead. Melona is stripped of her power and reduced to the size of a doll, which frees Shizuka as well.

Method of Consumption Edit

Generally, Melona does not prey on other beings aside from small creatures. However, after having her abilities enhanced by a magic orb, she becomes able to absorb anything and grows to massive size, after which she can absorb humans as well. Due to her liquid-like nature, she can absorb her prey with any part of her body, as seen when she consumes Shizuka by pushing her into her chest. If she wishes, she can also orally consume her prey, as seen with Leina.

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