Michelangelo is a character from the American animated action series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and is the youngest of the four brothers.

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Michelangelo has been swallowed whole twice in the series. First, in the season three episode Buried Secrets, Mikey believes that April's Mom is not who she appears to be. He sees her sneaking off into the woods and acting suspicious. With encouragement from Ice Cream Kitty, Mikey gets out of the house and silently follows her. While walking, Mom's head turns revealing a grotesque-looking face that makes Mikey squeal in fright. Stopping by a pond, Mom unscrews the lid on some mutagen she likely stole and pours it into the water until Mikey snags it with his chain and accuses her of being a fake. Mom comments that what Mikey suspected all along was true, she is a servant to the Kraang and will capture April so that she can please her masters. But now since Mikey knows too much, she cannot let him escape so he can reveal the truth. Mikey screams as he is attacked and absorbed by the monster. His face later appears on her stomach. April O'Neil's psychic power is able to save all of the turtles and Casey though.

In Attack of the Mega Shredder!, Mikey and Leo fight the monster that was created by Bebop and Rocksteady in order to save the city. The Mega Shredder grabs Mikey and belches. Suddenly, he throws Mikey, who screams, into his mouth and swallows him whole. The Mega Shredder lets out another belch. Leonardo is furious with the monster for eating his younger brother and attacks it in any way possible. He almost gets eaten, but his other brothers and human friends come to rescue. Inside the Mega Shredder Mikey luckily managed to land near the stomach acid but a worm mutant (probably the sardines Bebop threw into the mutagen) during the battle makes Mikey lose his balance and is caught by the worm. Outside Mega Shredder almost eats the turtle mech until the engulf the mouth and tongue with fire. Inside Mikey managed to break the worms grip and hold on to his kusarigama chain. Donnie learns from watching the mutant blow his human tongue out that the tongue is the brain. Leo subdues the tongue but it makes it worse the tongue Grabs Leo and Turtle Mech Grabs him by the ankle. As all hope is Lost Mikey managed to break out of the mutant and cuts the human part of the tongue making the Mega Shredder run on instinct until the mech launches a final explosive into the mouth destroying it.