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Petey Piranha
Petey Piranha
is a character from Nintendo's Mario video game franchise. Introduced in Super Mario Sunshine for the Gamecube, he has since become a recurring character, acting as an enemy (usually a boss) and sometimes as a playable character in the sports spin-off games.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Edit

Characters Consumed Edit

  • Princess Peach
  • Kylie Koopa

Scenario Edit

At one point in the game, Mario and Luigi, along with their baby selves, arrive at a coliseum in their quest to save Princess Peach. At the coliseum, they find a crowd of alien Shroobs gathered before their leader Princess Shroob. Princess Peach is then brought before the crowd, being held captive and gripped by a floating UFO-like device. She is dangled over a large pipe from which Petey Piranha emerges. The device releases Peach and Petey Piranha snatches her in the air, swallowing her whole.

Immediately afterwards, Kylie Koopa. an ally of Mario and Luigi, is captured by the Shroobs. The Mario bros. later make their way through an underground cavern where they find Kylie tied up and dangling over Petey Piranha. They are unable to do anything, however, as a Shroob cuts the rope and Kylie falls into Petey Piranha's mouth and is swallowed whole.

Mario and Luigi manage to track down Petey Piranha and beat him in combat, making him release Kylie. They do not find Peach though as Kylie explains that Petey apparently spit her out right after Kylie herself had been eaten.

Notes Edit

Paper Mario: Sticker Star Edit

Paper Mario Sticker Star Walkthrough - World 5-6 Rumble Volcano Petey Pirahna Boss Fight-016:35

Paper Mario Sticker Star Walkthrough - World 5-6 Rumble Volcano Petey Pirahna Boss Fight-0

Characters Consumed Edit

  • Kersti

Scenario Edit

In World 5-6, Mario and his companion Kersti, a sticker fairy, enter a volcano. As Kersti observes the area while floating over a pit, Petey Piranha emerges from the pit and swallows her whole.

Mario then makes his way through the stage and finally confronts Petey. During the battle, after Mario damages Petey enough and knocks him on his back, he strikes Petey's belly causing him to spit out Kersti.

Notes Edit

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Edit

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam - Petey Piranha01:31

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam - Petey Piranha

Characters Consumed Edit

  • Mario
  • Luigi

Scenario Edit

Appearing as the first boss in the game, Petey Piranha is summoned by Bowser to deal with Mario, Luigi, and Paper Mario. During the battle, Petey will often perform an attack in which he grabs either Mario or Luigi, chews them in his mouth, causing damage, and then swallows them. After Petey receives enough damage, he will spit out the eaten brother(s). However, he is capable of eating both Mario and Luigi and if Paper Mario falls in battle while they are both in Petey's stomach, the game will end.

Notes Edit

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