Pochi Kuro Vol 1
Pochi Kuro
(ポチクロ) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Naoya Matsumoto. It tells the story of a demon named Kuro and his relationship with a human girl named Pochi whom he initially intends to eat, but later falls in love with. It was serialized in the digital shonen magazine Shonen Jump+ and has been compiled into four volumes.

​Chapter 2Edit


  • Mole Naga


  • Pochi


After being brought to the demon world by Kuro, Pochi attempts to leave and return home. However, after she is stopped by Kuro's cat demon friend Reo, a giant snake demon called a Mole Naga appears before them. The Mole Naga then grabs Pochi with his tail and attempts to eat her. Reo throws a giant rock into the Mole Naga's mouth in an attempt to stop it, but the Mole Naga easily crushes it with its jaws. The Mole Naga then tosses Pochi into its mouth and swallows her whole.

Afterwards, Kuro arrives on the scene and easily defeats the Mole Naga by incinerating most of its body. Consequently, Pochi is freed from the Mole Naga's stomach unharmed as demon magic does not affect humans.