Princess Gourmet is a villain and boss character in the Super Famicom game Maka Maka. She is a cannibalistic alien princess who takes over a town and bakes its citizens into croquettes for her to eat.

​Characters ConsumedEdit

  • Corum
  • Johnny
  • El
  • Various town citizens


Princess Gourmet is a member of the Maka Maka organization and, upon arriving on Earth, she takes over a small town. She then forces the town's chefs, or perhaps her own personal chefs, to bake the population into croquettes (essentially covering their bodies in a croquette crust, except for their legs). At some point during the events of the game, El was baked into a croquette and Princess Gourmet swallowed her. Eventually, Corum and Johnny arrive at the town, and, after visiting the restaurant, are led to a giant cooking vat where they are baked into croquettes themselves. They are then presented to Princess Gourmet who proceeds to swallow them whole. 

Inside her stomach, Corum and Johnny discover El and the trio traverse Princess Gourmet's innards, discovering other people who apparently were eaten by her. The three eventually escape through her rear end and battle the Princess, which ends in her defeat.

​Method of ConsumptionEdit

After having her victims baked into croquettes, Princess Gourmet has them brought to her and grabs them with her long and, apparently, prehensile tongue, after which she pulls them into her mouth and swallows them whole.