Queen's Blade: Exiled Warrior
is a Japanese manga based on the Queen's Blade light novel series. It was published in the seinen magazine Monthly Comic Alive and compiled into three volumes. It tells the story of Leina, the middle child of a family of aristocrats, who seeks to enter the Queen's Blade tournament.

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In chapter 6 of the series, Leina and her comrades face off against Airi and Melona, the latter of whom is a girl composed of a pink gum-like substance who has been magically enhanced to grow to enormous size. Airi and Melona have captured Shizuka, a ninja and aide to Tomoe, who is one of Leina's comrades. Per Airi and Melona's demands, Tomoe appears before them and finds that Melona has partially absorbed Shizuka through her chest. Leina and another of her comrades, Risty, arrive on the scene to confront them and demand Shizuka's release. However, since Airi and Melona told Tomoe to come alone, they say they have broken the agreement and Melona "eats" Shizuka by absorbing her through her chest.

Leina and the other then face off against Airi and Melona. Leina manages to do some damage to Melona and, in response, Melona absorbs several trees in the area, growing even larger and becoming deranged with magic. Leina is stunned at the sight of the enlarged Melona. Melona opens her mouth and slams it down over Leina, eating her.

Leina then finds herself in Melona's stomach, losing hope and realizing she will be digested soon.

On the outside, Melona almost eats Risty as well, but Leina regains her confidence and cuts her way out of Melona with her sword. She then defeats Melona and releases Shizuka as well.

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