Red is a character from the American animated TV series, 2 Stupid Dogs. She appears in only three episodes and serves as a supporting character who inadvertently gets herself and the dogs into trouble. She is based on the titular character of Little Red Riding Hood.

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In the episode Red Strikes Back, Red encounters Big Dog and Little Dog on her way to her grandmother's house. Wishing to partake of some canned cheese she is carrying, the dogs accompany her, but the group inadvertently pass over Red's grandmother's house and end up at the home of the Witch from Hansel and Gretel. The Witch invites Red into her house, planning to fatten her up and then eat her. Red apparently remains oblivious to this as she willingly eats all the food the Witch presents to her. As Red is eating, the Witch bites off her hair and hood, prompting Red to kick her in the shin. The Witch then traps Red in a cage and forces Big Dog and Little Dog to continuously feed her (apparently for two years and eight months). Red becomes incredibly fat as a result and the Witch, finally ready to eat her, fires her out of a cannon. Red then falls into the mouth of the Witch, who has transformed into a frog, and she is swallowed whole. The episode ends with Red (as well as Big Dog and Little Dog) still in the Witch's stomach.

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  • Curiously, Red reverts to her normal slim form in episode's ending title card, which shows her inside the Witch's stomach.