Sakira (沙姫羅) is a character from the Japanese manga series Cat Paradise. She is a snake spirit beast and one of the series' antagonists.

Characters Consumed Edit

History Edit

Sakira is a snake spirit beast; a mythical creature with supernatural powers that, supposedly, was the first snake. Through most of the series, she possesses the body of a teenage girl. She also has a "brother", also a snake, whose relationship with her is not entirely clear. Sakira identifies herself as an "Orochi", a mythical eight-headed snake. This could mean that her "brother" is actually another snake head attached to her own body, or he could simply be another snake that actually is her brother.

During the final story arc of the series, Sakira and her brother confront the chosen "pairs", a group of chosen students and their pet cats whose mission is to stop the spirit beasts. After falling from a crumbling island in the sky, Sakira and her are rescued by Yumi, one of the students, who creates a makeshift parachute. As they descend, Sakira uses the opportunity to place the "pairs" in a hypnotic spell, rendering them motionless. While they are under her spell, Sakira's brother swallows Futaba and Gekko.

Sakira then enters the mind of Futaba and torments her with despairing images in order to break her spirit so that she may eat her soul. Sakira nearly does so, but is stopped by Tsukasa and Raimu, two of Futaba's comrades. Sakira and her brother are then defeated and forced to release Futaba and Gekko.
Sakira Belly

Sakira's brother after swallowing Futaba and Gekko

Method of Consumption Edit

Sakira and her brother are able to swallow the bodies and souls of their victims. Though it may not be necessary, Sakira can first place her victims in a hypnotic trance, rendering their minds blank and their bodies motionless. Sakira's brother, and presumably Sakira herself, can then swallow their victims whole. Sakira is also able to enter her victims' minds, destroy their spirits, and then devour their souls as well.

Notes Edit

  • Technically speaking, it is Sakira's brother who consumes Futaba and Gekko

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