Shizuka is a character from the Japanese Queen's Blade franchise. She is a supporting character and the ninja aide to the priestess Tomoe.

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In chapter 5 of the Queen's Blade: Exiled Warrior manga, Shizuka is abducted by Airi and Melona who leave a letter demaning that Tomoe come and meet them alone. Tomoe complies and appears before them, after which Melona reveals herself to have grown gigantic and has partially absorbed a nude and unconscious Shizuka through her chest. However, as Melona appears, Leina and Risty also appear.

In chapter 6, Leina and the others demand Shizuka's release, but Airi and Melona refuse since they broke the terms of the agreement. In response, Melona completely absorbs Shizuka into her body. Shortly afterwards, Leina is consumed by Melona as well. However, she manages to cut her way out and defeat Melona, after which Shizuka is released from her body.

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