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This is a wiki dedicated to scenes from movies, TV shows, comics, and whatever else where characters meet the unfortunate fate of being swallowed whole by another being. This wiki is meant to serve as a database for those scenes, and a community for those who are interested in the trope. So, if you feel this is something that interests you, please feel free to browse and participate by adding your own favorite scenes.

About Swallowed Whole WikiEdit

As stated above, this wiki serves a database for scenes from various media in which characters are swallowed whole by other beings, be they animals, monsters, spiritual beings, or even humans. Whether the consumed character meets their demise within the predator or not, as long as the character is consumed whole and their body is entirely within the predator's stomach and/or body, it counts.

Now, a few rules:

  • No bloody or "hard" consumption. i.e. no scenes where characters are torn apart and eaten piece by piece, or that are eaten in the "traditional" sense.
  • No vampirism or blood-sucking
  • Absorption is allowed as long as, again, the character being absorbed is consumed whole.
  • Characters may be dead or alive upon their consumption, as long as their entire bodies are consumed.
  • No risque content unless it is black-boxed.
  • Please do not create any articles based on fanfiction or fan-created material. Only officially published or produced media are allowed.
  • No fan art on any article other than your user page, only screencaps and scans.
  • No opinions. Keep the articles formal.
  • No fetishy webcomics, or anything else that is explicitly written or produced to cater to the vore fetish.
  • For TV shows and comic books, please use episode and/or issue citations. Not everybody knows when it all happens.
  • Before adding a page, please check to be sure the same topic/article has not already been posted.
  • Please be respectful and aware of other English dialects. Do not make changes to a page solely for changing a dialect.
  • This is strictly a SFW wiki, but do not view if you are vore sensitive.
  • Feel free to format and structure pages however you'd like. Just try to make them look presentable.

Links Edit

TV Tropes - Swallowed Whole - A listing of scenes from various media in which the Swallowed Whole trope occurs. Text only.

TV Tropes - Just Eat Him - A listing of scenes from various media in which the predator swallows their prey whole, even though it's makes more sense for them to chew them up.

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