Terror Toad is a frog-like monster from the American live-action series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He is one of the many monsters created by Rita Repulsa to destroy the Power Rangers.

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Personality Edit

The Terror Toad is a very malicious and evil character. He has an enormous appetite and one-track mind, wanting nothing more than to devour the Power Rangers. During battle, he enjoys taunting and mocking the Rangers as he demonstrates his overwhelming might, and takes great delight in ultimately swallowing them, complimenting their taste. He is also prone to anger as seen when his horn is cut off and he devours Jason in retaliation.

History Edit

In "Power Ranger Punks", episode 12 of the series, Terror Toad is created by Rita Repulsa's servant Finster. Rita’s demand follows an attack on the unmorphed Power Rangers that allows Baboo, another servant, to spike the teenagers’ drinks with a potion that turns Billy and Kimberly, the two rangers to drink the potion, into nasty bullies. While the other Rangers are indisposed, Trini, Jason, and Zack are sent to do battle with the monster. 

The Terror Toad proves to be a powerful foe, easily fending off the Power Rangers' attacks and delivers several powerful strikes against them. After knocking Trini to the ground, the Terror Toad fires an energy beam from his horn that wraps around the Ranger and transforms her into a yellow energy sphere. The sphere then flies into the Terror Toad's mouth and he swallows Trini whole, after which an image of her helmet appears on his belly. 

Yellow Ranger Eaten 3

The Terror Toad eats Trini

The Terror Toad continues to battle the Red and Black Rangers and easily dominates them. After several failed attacks against him, the toad knocks Zack down and fires his energy tongue at him as well. The Black Ranger is transformed into an energy sphere and the Terror Toad swallows him. 

The Terror Toad battles the Red Ranger alone for a short period, but the latter is soon joined by Billy and Kimberly who have been cured of the punk potion. The Blue and Pink Rangers then cut off the toad's horn, causing him to become enraged. In retaliation, the Terror Toad grabs Jason with his physical tongue, wrapping it around him. He then pulls the Red Ranger into his mouth and swallows him whole. In doing this, however, he also exposes his weak spot to the Blue and Pink Rangers. 

Red Ranger Eaten

The Terror Toad swallows Jason

With only two Rangers left, the Terror Toad begins to approach them hungrily. After the toad delivers a powerful dive-punch to the both of them, the Blue Ranger attempts an attack by leaping into the air. However, the Terror Toad fires his tongue once again and catches Billy in mid-air. The toad pulls the Blue Ranger into his mouth and swallows him whole. 

The Terror Toad is then joined by Baboo who stops an attempt by Kimberly to attack the monster. The toad and Baboo then approach the lone Pink Ranger, the former intending to devour her to secure their victory. However, Kimberly then fires a flurry of arrows into the Terror Toad's neck, which knocks him over and forces him to regurgitate the swallowed Rangers. After the newly-freed Rangers deliver several powerful strikes against him, the Terror Toad is destroyed when Kimberly fires an arrow into his mouth. 

Method of Consumption Edit

The Terror Toad had two methods of consumption. First, he was able to fire an energy tongue from the horn on his head that would wrap around his victims and turn them into a small energy sphere. Apparently compelled to do so on its own, the sphere would then fly into his mouth and he would swallow it.

Horn cut off

Kimberly and Billy cutting off Terror Toad's horn, weakening him.

After his horn was cut off, he could no longer turn his victims into energy spheres and was forced to switch over to his secondary method in which he simply launched his normal tongue out, wrapped it around his victims like a lasso, and ensnared them with it. He would then pull them into his mouth and swallow them whole. Since all the consumed Rangers are spit out as energy spheres, including Jason and Billy who were swallowed whole, it is assumed that those who are swallowed whole by the Terror Toad are turned into energy inside his stomach.

Whenever the Terror Toad swallowed one of the Power Rangers, an image of their helmet would appear on his belly.

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Quotes Edit

"Yum, yum, yum. Delicious!" (said after eating Trini)

"It's supper time!"

"Whenever I swallow one of you, my power grows!"

"This fightin's makin' me hungry!"

"You Power Rangers are pretty tasty." (said after eating Zack)

"Don't worry. I've got plenty of room left inside for you!"

"Nooooo! Not my horn! Ohhh... now you've made me hopping mad! You're going to pay for this, and I'm going to start with YOU!" (said before eating Jason right after his horn gets cut off)

"Time for dessert."

"Four down and only one to go." (said after eating Billy)

"Now I'm REALLY peeved!" (said after throwing up Zack, Trini, Billy and Jason)

"No more Mr. Nice Toad!" (last words)

Notes Edit

  • Terror Toad's Zyuranger counterpart is Dora Boogaranan
  • Unlike the Invenusable Flytrap and TurbanShell, no interior shot is ever shown of the Terror Toad's stomach. He is also the only one for which the consumed Rangers offer no resistance, evidently since they are all transformed into helpless balls of energy once swallowed by him.
  • The episode in which the Terror Toad appears was turned into a children's book in 1994, authored by Jean Waricha. The story is largley the same, but one difference of note is how the Terror Toad eats Trini. Rather than the horn emitting an energy tongue that envelops the Yellow Ranger and condenses her into an orb of energy, a beam of light shines from it onto her after she has been knocked down, and it has the effect of paralysing her. It shines brighter and begins to pull her towards the toad, acting as a sort of irresistible tractor beam that draws Trini's body into the monster's mouth.
    • "A beam of light shot out of the toad's horn. The beam shone directly on Trini. “Hey, what's going on?” yelled Trini. She tried to roll out of the beam, but she couldn't move. The beam grew brighter. Trini was being pulled forward into the gaping mouth of the Terror Toad! In an instant, the monster swallowed her whole. Trini's face magically appeared on the Terror Toad's fat stomach, then she disappeared completely."
  • In the 2010 "re-version", a "glow" effect appears around each ranger's helmet effigy when it is first shown zoomed-in, that matches the colour of the helmet (black for the Black Ranger, not purple).