Tommy Oliver' is a character from the American live action series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the leader of the Power Rangers, serving as the Green Ranger.

Consumed By Edit

History Edit


Tommy in Green Ranger uniform, not wearing helmet

In Green No More, episode 13 of the show's second season, Tommy then deceives Turbanshell by hiding in a cart of watermelons, which Turbanshell eats. Tommy attacks the monster from the inside with intense heat and then Zack grabs a nearby water hose, rapidly cooling Turbanshell's exterior, causing him to freeze. With the monster severely weakened, and Tommy regurgitated as a green ranger-coloured energy sphere that distends outwards and retakes human form, the Thunderzords are brought back, and the Rangers quickly defeat the monster with the Thunder Saber.

Notes Edit

  • He is the only member of the team from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to willingly let himself be eaten by a monster.

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