Trini Kwan is a character from the American live action series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and a member of the Power Rangers, serving as her alter ego, the Yellow Ranger.

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Season 1, Episode 12 Edit

Yellow Ranger Trini

Trini in Yellow Ranger uniform, not wearing helmet

In "Power Ranger Punks", episode 12 of the series, Trini, as well as Jason and Zack, do battle with the monster Terror Toad. The rangers are initially not at full strength, as fellow rangers Billy and Kimberly are under a "punk" spell. The trio prove to have little success in their attacks against the monster, the first seeing Trini joining the others in a combined pin attack which the toad easily repels, proving his strength by sending all three rangers flying away by merely raising his arms. The rangers then move in and attempt individual attacks, which are also dealt with comfortably by the monster, who demonstrates surprising agility in evading and deflecting attacks. Trini's first attempt at a solo attack is thwarted before she can even thrust down her blade blaster after raising her arm, as the toad grabs her other shoulder and flips her over. Although she lands on her back, the rotary momentum allows her to quickly get back to her feet. After putting down Zack and then Jason with particularly heavy blows that leave them temporarily unable to stand, Trini is left isolated and gains the full attention of the toad, who is ready for her when she jumps in for a second time, and charges at her. Trini holds her blade against the toad's horn, trying to hold off the monster's advance, but is forced to backpedal. The toad smacks her across her right shoulder, spinning her in place a full turn and leaving her open and vulnerable to another strike, which the toad swiftly delivers to her abdomen, sending her flying backwards through the air in a similar fashion to when the combined attack was repelled. Despite landing heavily, Trini rolls away and is seen to be slowly recovering, unlike her teammates. The Terror Toad is temporarily unchallenged, and selects Trini, the most likely ranger to re-engage the monster, as the target for the most devastating attack in his arsenal.

The toad reaches for his horn, from which emerges a yellow ball of energy with eyes and a mouth that immediately opens and emits a lively dextrous beam of yellow energy resembling a tongue. The energy tongue extends rapidly to just above Trini's position, reaching her just as she has gotten to her feet. The Yellow Ranger can do no more than gasp and raise her arms in instinctive defence as the energy tongue swoops down and encircles her twice. The coils of the beam constrict down to Trini's waist, causing her whole body to jolt as she cries out in pain and fear, and her uniform flickers and starts to glow. The free end of the energy tongue arcs up above Trini and licks her helmet twice, causing her to clutch at her head. After the brief struggle, Trini's voice is cut off and her body is engulfed in a flash of white light which quickly dissipates, revealing her to have been transformed into a sphere of pure energy about the size of a therapy ball, sat upon the now unwound energy tongue. The only resemblance of the sphere to the teenager is its yellow colour. The energy tongue flicks the sphere back towards the monster before dissipating. The sphere flies into the Terror Toad's mouth and Trini is swallowed whole with a loud gulp. The toad visibly and audibly enjoys the experience, wiping his mouth with his flippers and complimenting Trini's taste. The toad pats his stomach, where an image of the Yellow Ranger's helmet subsequently materialises, as a stark demonstration to the remaining rangers that Trini is within the confines of the stomach.

The image is close to lifelike, but is flat and follows the rounded surface of the toad's body. It is marginally obscured by one of the many red patches of skin that pattern the top and bottom of the stomach. These marks do not immediately present themselves as any more meaningful than perhaps stretch marks to emphasise the dominance of the monster's stomach relative to the rest of his anatomy. The presence of the Yellow Ranger's helpless face, however, makes it more obvious that the red marks are reminiscent of sharp teeth, and that imprinted upon the toad's frontage is a representation of a mouth. Trini's positioning inside this "mouth" reaffirms her imprisonment not as something as dignified as a captive, but as mere food for her adversary.

Yellow Ranger Eaten 3

Trini is swallowed by Terror Toad

The toad goes after the other rangers, his appetite evidently not quenched but inspired, exclaiming that his power grows as he consumes rangers. The toad displays powers such as a deflective yellow energy shield and a barrage of explosive balls of energy, but it is not clear whether the energy of the Yellow Ranger is required or used to activate them. Trini is steadily joined by fellow rangers on the toad's menu through the course of the battle, as Zack, then Jason, and finally latecomer Billy are all defeated. After eating Zack, the toad clutches the two helmet images on his belly and rubs them perversely, enthusiastically praising the taste of the rangers. Trini and the others are eventually released from Terror Toad thanks to an attack from last ranger Kimberly. Four ranger-coloured energy spheres are regurgitated and fly away from the monster. The yellow sphere distends outwards and retakes human form in mid-air, the Yellow Ranger falling to the ground alongside her rescued comrades. She joins the other rangers in laying down a series of successful attacks on the Terror Toad, who is then destroyed by Kimberly.

Trini is seen the next day doing some gymnastics practice with Kimberly, and displays no symptoms of any after-effects or concern about having been transformed and eaten, although teammate Billy is shown to have nightmares about the experience later in the show's run, and Kimberly, who wasn't even eaten, later reflects upon the Terror Toad with particular disgust.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Season 2, Episode 10 Edit

In "Welcome to Venus Island", episode 10 of the show's second series, Trini, along with the rest of the Power Rangers, battle the Invenusable Flytrap. During the battle, Jason, Zack, Billy, and Kimberly are struck by a beam fired from the Invenusable Flytrap's chest, which encircles them and turns them into energy. The beam retracts and they are sucked into the monster's stomach, in which they regain their human forms. Trini retreats with a weakened Tommy, the Green Ranger. Back at the command centre, she offers to fight the monster alone, showing no fear about being eaten by the monster, despite suffering the fate against the Terror Toad in the past and having witnessed most of her cohorts being eaten mere moments earlier. Tommy dissuades her, and those present in the command centre hatch a plan to save the others using heat on the monster.

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  • Trini is the first character to be consumed by the Terror Toad, and the only female.
  • Trini's Zyuranger counterpart is Boi.
  • The episode was turned into a children's book in 1994, authored by Jean Waricha. Although the level of detail in the book is very low due to the target audience and therefore a disappointing read to anyone older than about six, one difference of note is how the Terror Toad eats Trini. Rather than the horn emitting an energy tongue that envelops the Yellow Ranger and condenses her into an orb of energy, a beam of light shines from it onto her after she has been knocked down, and it has the effect of paralysing her. It shines brighter and begins to pull her towards the toad, acting as a sort of irresistible tractor beam that draws Trini's body into the monster's mouth. It is hard to envisage how this would have been able to be filmed with the level of technology available, but could have been interesting to see what kind of struggle that Trini would have been able to put up or vocalise, as well as giving the opportunity to see her eaten whole without being shrunk down into an orb of energy.
    • "A beam of light shot out of the toad's horn. The beam shone directly on Trini. “Hey, what's going on?” yelled Trini. She tried to roll out of the beam, but she couldn't move. The beam grew brighter. Trini was being pulled forward into the gaping mouth of the Terror Toad! In an instant, the monster swallowed her whole. Trini's face magically appeared on the Terror Toad's fat stomach, then she disappeared completely."
  • Photography of the filming set suggests that further peril for the Yellow Ranger at the hands of the toad may well have been initially scripted and possibly even filmed, before being cut from what was aired.
  • No unmorphed humans are eaten by the Terror Toad, so it is not certain whether demorphing back into civilian clothing prior to being eaten would have put Trini at further risk of harm, such as all of her energy being used up by the monster or being permanently absorbed. This action may have denied the monster much of the power that he gained by eating the morphed ranger, but Trini in particular would not have had the time or information to be able to come up with this possible tactic.
  • The Terror Toad made a big show of how much he enjoyed eating Trini, complimenting how she tasted, and slapping and rubbing the Yellow Ranger tattoo that he gained after eating her. The toad rated Zack similarly after eating him, but showed slightly more muted enthusiasm after eating Jason and Billy. It is unclear whether Trini would have tasted any better or worse to the toad if she had been swallowed intact in her spandex ranger uniform rather than being distilled into pure energy before landing in the toad's mouth.
  • The Pac-Man-esque ball on the tip of the toad's horn that fires the energy tongue bares teeth when it attacks Zack, which it didn't when Trini was eaten. The tongue also turned Zack into an energy sphere slightly more quickly than the conversion that Trini underwent. It is not known whether this is because the toad has grown in power, something he warned the rangers would happen when each of them is eaten. If so, this might be the only evidence that the monster was telling the truth, and using the Yellow Ranger's power against the remaining rangers.
  • Trini appears to be completing a cry or scream as she regains her bodily form after being freed, and immediately asks what is happening. Given that she was cut off while crying out as she was transformed, this implies that she is rendered unconscious as an energy sphere, and is kept in a kind of stasis until released. It also suggests that her senses are not in some way connected to the imprint of her helmet that the toad displays on his stomach, so she can't see out or feel any of her teammates' attacks on the toad. The helmet image appears mainly to serve as a threatening reminder that the Terror Toad has defeated and devoured a powerful warrior in Trini, and has room for more.
  • There doesn't appear to be any obvious logic to the order from left to right that the helmets appear on the Terror Toad's stomach, despite Trini, the first victim, having her two-dimensional effigy placed on the extreme left of what the other rangers can see of the stomach, foreboding the toad's intention of eating more than one ranger. This is due to the Black Ranger and Red Ranger helmets being swapped from what would have been chronological order of being eaten. All helmet images are slightly tilted such that the chins lean towards the centre, with the exception of the Blue Ranger helmet that tilts away. The only discernible pattern, which may be coincidental, is the vertical height of each helmet relative to the survival of a ranger against the toad. The Red Ranger helmet, with Jason having resisted being eaten the longest, is lower down than the others, closest to between the toad's legs. By contrast and not entirely through her own fault, Trini spent the least time battling the toad. Just 28 seconds had lapsed between Trini morphing into the Yellow Ranger and the heroine having been reduced to pure energy and swallowed whole by the monster. Her helmet is situated higher up, much closer to the roof of the red-toothed "mouth" on the toad's stomach.
  • The Terror Toad appeared to be making strategically sound decisions early in the battle, such as targeting and eating Trini first when she was the quickest of the three rangers on the battlefield to recover from his physical blows. Later, the toad chose to use his surprise physical tongue attack to eat the leader Jason rather than Billy or Kimberly in spite of the fact that the latecomers were clearly more well-informed about the toad's weaknesses and hadn't suffered a beating from the monster. This mistake may have been what cost the Terror Toad victory against the Power Rangers. Had the toad targeted Zack or Jason to eat first, Trini was the only one who was physically able to intervene, which she likely would have done (Jason made the decision not to save Zack with the benefit of having already seen the energy tongue make short work of his female cohort). However, given that the toad didn't take a particularly long time to launch his energy tongue, it is likely that all Trini would have had the time to do would be to dive in front of whichever prone ranger was being targeted. This would surely have resulted in her being caught up in the beam, and eaten anyway.
  • Just prior to being eaten, Trini appears to lock her blade blaster with the Terror Toad's horn, which is later cut off by Billy's blade blaster. It can only be speculated that Billy was more successful due to having been told by Zordon to target the horn. It is not known whether Zordon acquired this key information while analysing the battle as it unfolded, or had prior knowledge and neglected to tell the three battle-ready rangers. Had Trini successfully removed the toad's horn, the toad could not have used it to turn her into an energy ball and eat her, although she would have almost certainly have been the victim of the toad's secondary attack. It's easy to speculate that, having removed the toad's horn, Trini would not anticipate a physical tongue shooting out and binding her torso, and she would be unable to prevent herself from being reeled in and swallowed whole in her organic form, in spite of any struggle she put up. Regardless of Zordon's knowledge and actions, Trini's fate was to be eaten by the Terror Toad, and eaten first.

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