Trini Kwan is a character from the American live action series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and a member of the Power Rangers, serving as her alter ego, the Yellow Ranger. She was played by Thuy Trang.

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Trini is a kind, compassionate, and level-headed member of the Power Rangers team who is always there for her friends. She takes her Ranger duties responsibly and is an adept fighter. During the Terror Toad battle, Trini does her best to fight the monster, but her efforts prove futile as she is quickly eaten by the monster.

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In the episode Power Ranger Punks, Trini, as well as Jason and Zack, do battle with the monster Terror Toad. The trio prove to have little success in their attacks against the monster, and they are easily fended off. Early in the battle, Trini receives a decisive blow from the Terror Toad and is knocked to the ground. The monster then fires an energy beam from its horn that wraps around the Trini and turns her into a yellow energy sphere. The transformed Yellow Ranger is drawn into the Terror Toad's mouth and she is swallowed whole. Her helmet appears on the monster's belly.
Yellow Ranger Eaten 3

Trini is swallowed by the Terror Toad

Trini remains trapped in the Terror Toad's stomach for most of the duration of the battle and her fellow Rangers Zack, Jason, and Billy are swallowed as well. Trini and the others are eventually freed by fellow Ranger Kimberly who ultimately destroys the Terror Toad.

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Terror Toad Eats Yellow Ranger

Terror Toad Eats Yellow Ranger

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  • Trini is the first character to be consumed by the Terror Toad, and the only female.
  • Trini is the only Ranger of the whole team not to be seen inside of a monster's stomach, despite being eaten by one (she wasn't eaten by the Invenusable Flytrap or TurbanShell, and the Terror Toad battle did not feature internal shots).
  • Trini's Zyuranger counterpart is Boi.
  • The episode was turned into a children's book in 1994, authored by Jean Waricha. The story is largley the same, but one difference of note is how the Terror Toad eats Trini. Rather than the horn emitting an energy tongue that envelops the Yellow Ranger and condenses her into an orb of energy, a beam of light shines from it onto her after she has been knocked down, and it has the effect of paralysing her. It shines brighter and begins to pull her towards the toad, acting as a sort of irresistible tractor beam that draws Trini's body into the monster's mouth.
    • "A beam of light shot out of the toad's horn. The beam shone directly on Trini. “Hey, what's going on?” yelled Trini. She tried to roll out of the beam, but she couldn't move. The beam grew brighter. Trini was being pulled forward into the gaping mouth of the Terror Toad! In an instant, the monster swallowed her whole. Trini's face magically appeared on the Terror Toad's fat stomach, then she disappeared completely."
  • Photography of the filming set suggests that further peril for the Yellow Ranger at the hands of the toad may well have been initially scripted and possibly even filmed, before being cut from what was aired.