Zack Taylor is a character from the American live action series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and a member of the Power Rangers, serving as the Black Ranger.

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Season 1, Episode 12 Edit

In "Power Ranger Punks", episode 12 of the series, Zack, as well as Jason and Trini, do battle with the monster Terror Toad. The trio prove to have little success in their attacks against the monster, and they are easily fended off. Early in the battle, after receiving a decisive blow from the Terror Toad, Trini is swallowed whole leaving only Zack and Jason to fight him. After several more failed assaults on the monster, Zack also receives a crippling blow and is knocked to the ground. The Terror Toad then fires its energy tongue at Zack and he is transformed into an energy sphere. He flies into the toad's mouth and he is swallowed whole, his helmet appearing on the monster's belly.

Zack remains trapped in the Terror Toad's stomach for most of the rest of the battle and his fellow Rangers Jason and Billy are swallowed as well. Zack and the others are eventually freed by fellow Ranger Kimberly who ultimately destroys the Terror Toad.

Black Ranger Eaten 1

Zack is swallowed by the Terror Toad

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Season 2, Episode 10 Edit

In "Welcome to Venus Island", episode 10 of the show's second series, Zack, along with the rest of the Power Rangers, battle the Invenusable Flytrap. During the battle, Zack, along with Jason, Billy, and Kimberly are struck by a beam fired from the Invenusable Flytrap's chest, which encircles them and turns them into energy. The beam retracts and they are sucked into the monster's stomach, in which they regain their human forms. While inside its stomach, he and the other consumed Rangers learn from fellow Power Rangers Trini and Tommy that the monster is weak to heat. Zack and the others then use their Power Coins to generate heat to weaken the monster and then fight their way out.
Invenusable Flytrap Captures Rangers

Zack and the others eaten by Invenusable Flytrap

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Terror Toad Eats Black Ranger

Terror Toad Eats Black Ranger

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  • Zack is the second character to be consumed by the Terror Toad, and the last to be turned into an energy sphere before being eaten.
  • Zack's Zyuranger counterpart is Goushi.
  • Zack is the only Ranger who is not shown being swallowed by the Toad. The scene shows Zack being transformed into an energy sphere, but then immediately cuts to the Terror Toad who has already swallowed Zack.
  • Both when eaten by the Terror Toad and by the Invenusable Flytrap, Zack's energy colour is shown to be purple, rather than black.