Zack Taylor is a character from the American live action series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and a member of the Power Rangers, serving as the Black Ranger.

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History Edit

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Season 1, Episode 12 Edit

Black Ranger Uniform

Zack in Black Ranger uniform, not wearing helmet

In "Power Ranger Punks", episode 12 of the series, Zack, as well as Jason and Trini, do battle with the monster Terror Toad. The rangers are initially not at full strength, as fellow rangers Billy and Kimberly are under a "punk" spell. They prove to have little success against the monster. Zack joins the others in a combined pin attack, which the toad easily repels with his strength. The rangers then move in and attempt individual attacks, which are also dealt with comfortably by the monster. Zack is almost immediately put down by a particularly heavy blow, and is evidently unable to get up for several seconds, during which time Jason suffers the same fate, and the isolated Trini is struck down and then eaten by the toad. Zack and Jason fire their Blade Blasters in response to losing their teammate, which is deflected back at them by a circular energy barrier that forms on the front surface of the toad's stomach. Zack loses his cool and attempts to charge at the toad, but is restrained by Jason, who insists that they attack the toad together with their power weapons. However, this attack is also repelled by the toad, who taunts the rangers. The battle evidently having taken its toll, this is enough for the rangers to abandon their cohesive attacks and charge in individually. As with the previous attempt to take on the toad singularly, a ranger is left isolated, Jason having again been struck down quickly, leaving Zack exposed. Struck twice, Zack falls down and rolls away. Jason, having recovered quickly, jumps to Zack's aid, and looks up at the toad.

The toad reaches for his horn and, as earlier when used to defeat Trini, a yellow ball of energy emerges, with eyes and a mouth that immediately opens and emits a lively dextrous beam of yellow energy resembling a tongue. Unlike earlier, the ball bares a set of sharp white teeth, and this time the energy tongue works much more quickly. Jason decides against protecting his teammate and does a diving roll away. A single loop is made around Zack's waist before the tongue licks the Black Ranger's helmet. Both of the ranger's hands seem to be caught in the beam, seemingly preventing him from clutching at his head in the way Trini was compelled to. More quickly than the Yellow Ranger had been, Zack is transformed into a sphere of energy, which is purple, and swallowed whole by the Terror Toad. An image of Zack's helmet appears on the toad's stomach, further over from Trini's helmet and tilted at a different angle. The toad clutches the helmet images on his belly and rubs them perversely, enthusiastically praising the taste of the rangers.
Black Ranger Eaten 1

Zack is eaten by Terror Toad

Zack is joined by fellow rangers on the toad's menu later in the battle, as Jason and latecomer Billy are also defeated. Zack and the others are eventually released from Terror Toad thanks to an attack from last ranger Kimberly. Four ranger-coloured energy spheres are regurgitated and fly away from the monster. The purple sphere distends outwards and retakes human form in mid-air, the Black Ranger falling to the ground alongside his rescued comrades. He joins the other rangers in laying down a series of successful attacks on the Terror Toad, who is then destroyed by Kimberly.

Zack is seen the next day playing volleyball with Billy, and displays no symptoms of any after-effects or concern about having been transformed and eaten, although Billy is shown to have nightmares about the experience later in the show's run, and Kimberly, who wasn't even eaten, later reflects upon the Terror Toad with particular disgust.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Season 2, Episode 10 Edit

In "Welcome to Venus Island", episode 10 of the show's second series, Zack, along with the rest of the Power Rangers, battle the Invenusable Flytrap. During the battle, Zack, along with Jason, Billy, and Kimberly are struck by a beam fired from the Invenusable Flytrap's chest, which encircles them and turns them into energy. The beam retracts and they are sucked into the monster's stomach, in which they regain their human forms. While inside its stomach, he and the other consumed Rangers learn from fellow Power Rangers Trini and Tommy that the monster is weak to heat. Zack and the others then use their Power Coins to generate heat to weaken the monster and then fight their way out.

Invenusable Flytrap Captures Rangers

Zack and the others eaten by Invenusable Flytrap

Notes Edit

  • Zack is the second character to be consumed by the Terror Toad, and the last to be turned into an energy sphere before being eaten.
  • Zack's Zyuranger counterpart is Goushi.
  • Jason decides not to try and save Zack when the Terror Toad eats him. It is likely that, having seen what the toad's energy tongue did to Trini, Jason realised that the tongue was just too quick and deadly. However, no attempt was made by any ranger to deflect the beam, so it is not certain whether Zack could have been saved on this occasion.
  • Both when eaten by the Terror Toad and by the Invenusable Flytrap, Zack's energy colour is shown to be purple, rather than black.
  • As Zack regains his bodily form after being freed, he immediately asks what's going on. This implies that he is rendered unconscious as an energy sphere, and is kept in a kind of stasis until released.

Gallery Edit

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